January 4

Opening the World To Our Daughters & Finding New Life After Separation With Jeff Bogle




Today on the Dads With Daughters Podcast we have freelance journalist and father of two girls, Jeff Bogle.

Jeff Bogle shares his perspectives on raising girls but also in working to raise girls that are willing to see the world as a community of like minds in similar situations. As a travel and lifestyle writer Jeff has opened the world up to his daughters and he shares some great tips on how to open up great conversations with your daughters about the world and how where they live, and the situation that they find themselves in may not be too different than others. At the same time he does explain the importance of allowing your daughters to also experience and see the differences between people too.

Jeff also opens up to the separation between he and his spouse. This experience is different than some others and he offers some unique perspectives on how you can make a potential negative situation better.

Jeff Bogle

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Jeff Bogle shared a story about how he is working to try to help his kids explore the world in a different way and because he is a travel writer he was able to bring his kids to Turkey and it was through this trip that he was able to open their eyes to the commonalities that we all have no matter where we live. Check out the post he wrote about this.

Another important post he wrote was about the 4 Words All Dads With Daughters Need to Hear and after reading this I have to say that I completely agree. What about you?

Interested in learning more about Jeff Bogle? You can find him at owtk.com



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