January 25

Fatherhood Top 5 – 1/25/20


The following are some top stories about fatherhood that are impacting fathers across the globe. Leave a comment with your thoughts on these articles!

  1. Ask Amy: Prospective dad should consider being a big brother – https://wapo.st/37RH4ei
  2. A boy asked his dad to help the homeless. Now, father and son take them out to lunch each week. – https://wapo.st/39VVMCQ
  3. Daughter shows up dad while fishing on the lake – http://bit.ly/37WLCQF
  4. “The father is just as upset”: why we need multi-level strategies to support men when a baby dies – http://bit.ly/2TcRcKy
  5. Parenting Is Not About Controlling Your Child – http://bit.ly/37SeHwh


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