May 26

Dad of the Week: Michael Lauria


Michael Lauria works as a Men’s Coach, helping men create a life of Mastery in Melbourne, Australia. When not at work, you can find him at home raising his two amazing daughters and one son!

Every Dad of the Week answers the following questions, read on to learn more about Michael and his daughters!

  • What was your first reaction when you found out that you were going to be a father?
    • Excitement and a little bit of fear, but anticipation and excitement.
  • When you knew you were going to be a father of a daughter, who or where did you turn to for advice?
    • I had no one to turn to, so just had to figure it out myself.
  • How would your kids describe you as a dad?
    • Loving, Funny, reliable, caring and always there, always, for anything.
  • What has been the largest challenge you have had in being a father?
    • Dealing with how to manage myself and still be present and engaged with my two oldest children at the same time.
  • Looking back on your life as a father, what would you change if you could?
    • My level of presence with them. My 3 year old daughter is fortunate in that I learned a lot of good lessons with the 2 older ones
  • What do you do for fun with your daughter(s)?
    • Oldest, who is 18; we go to the movies every now and then, mini golf and lunch out. Little 3 year old; she loves stories, piggy backs, bubbles and just anything which involves me 😂❤️
  • What advice would you give to other dads with daughters?
    • Our daughters will attract partners in the future who are like us. They will seek to emulate in a partner, the characteristics we hold. So make sure you are the very best version of yourself you can be at all times. And if you know you’re not, make a point of figuring out how to be.
  • How have you come to balance fatherhood and outside life?
    • By understanding everything has a place and integration of personal and Business life is important. Presence with my children is paramount, so when I spend time with them, the rest of my life can simply wait.
  • What have been the most memorable experiences that you have had thus far as a father?
    • The birth of all 3 of my children and very simply the joy in watching them develop and grow into beautiful human beings.

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