January 4

Birds & The Bees With Amy Lang


Today on the Dads With Daughters Podcast we have Amy Lang of Birds and Bees and Kids . Amy has over 25 years as a sex education expert and she is bringing that information to you. Today we are talking about the birds and bees and how you can talk to your daughters about this.

Amy Lang helps people deal with the really difficult and uncomfortable circumstances that happen in the world of sexuality. This is not an easy conversation to have with our daughters, but as a father, we must be a part of our daughters’ lives and this is a part of that, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us.

Below are some books Amy Lang shared as resources for you!

Also, Amy Lang has her own Podcast: Just Say This! https://birdsandbeesandkids.com/category/podcast/ which will give you even more answers to questions you might not have even known you had!

She also offers you a Birds & Bees Solution Center for Parents that is full of amazing information https://birdsandbeespros.thinkific.com/courses/the-birds-bees-solution-center-for-parents

On the Birds and Bees and Kids site use coupon code DADS for 15% off the one-time payment of $69

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