Mission / Values


Fathering Together sees an equitable world where fathers are actively engaged in the lives of their children. 


Fathering Together’s mission is to build supportive communities for fathers* enriched by resources and storytelling. 

*We define “father” as anyone who identifies as a father figure. This can include, but is not limited to biological, adoptive, by marriage, grandparents, uncles, and older siblings as well as  cisgendered, non-binary, and those on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We invite all individuals who identify as fathers into our communities and to participate in our programs. (see our full inclusivity statement here).



We invite you to learn together. Life lessons come in formal “classrooms,” lived experiences, and in the relationships we build with one another. We must be open to these experiences to grow and adapt and become stronger. In doing so, we role model this value for our children. 


We invite you to share your story. Stories bind us. They create traditions, raise up our values, and remind us of where we’ve been and inspire us for where we want to go. Through our blog, podcast, and digital stories, our stories elevate positive and engaged fathers doing all they can for their children. 


By engaging with one another, asking questions, and giving advice, we come to know one another. We share a common value of fatherhood, of wanting what is best for our children. So engage in conversation and help us build a stronger community. 

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