February 8

Managing a Multimillion Dollar Company at 15 with Alina & Tom Morse


Today on the Dads with Daughters podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Alina and Tom Morse. Alina Morse is an entrepreneur, who at age 15 is the CEO and founder of Zolli Candy. Her company sells the candy she developed: sugar free lollipops called Zollipops, hard candy called Zolli Drops, and taffy called Zaffi Taffy (and much more). The candy is sold online and in about 25,000 stores in the United States and internationally, totaling US$6 million in sales in 2018. She was the youngest person to be on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, and she was twice invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama. In addition to being the CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, Morse goes to high school and dances competitively. Today we talk to Alina and her dad about running a multi-million dollar company, being a teenager and more! 

Alina and Tom Morse

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