August 2

Join the #StandUpDads Movement


Fathering Together is on a mission to provide dads the tools to better themselves and the lives of their children. Our #StandUpDads initiative challenges dads to reflect on the ways in which they reinforce gender based violence and educate themselves to stop gender based violence in their communities.

Gender Based Violence takes on many forms. Street harassment, domestic violence, and rape are far more prevalent than we know. Millions of people, especially women and girls, are affected every day, and as fathers we have an obligation to educate ourselves to not only educate our children, but work to end this violence so our children won’t have to face it. 

Sign our pledge to stand up against gender based violence. Pledge yourself to NOT remain silent, and to educate yourself and your fellow dads to become the strong advocates your children, your partners, and your community need.

Be A Part of the Movement


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