March 8

Identical Forms of Fatherhood? Not Likely. With Joe and Mark Pellerito


Today on the Dads with Daughters Podcast we spoke with brothers Joe and Mark Pellerito about their different journeys of fatherhood. Both came to fatherhood in different ways and you will learn much about fatherhood, but also about adoption, finding ways to create individual relationships with your kids and encouraging the hearts of your kids as well as much more. 

Mark Pellerito and Family

Joe also tells us about his own podcast, the ReChoice podcast where he challenges all to Reframe your past – Renew your Present – Reclaim your future. 

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  1. truth telling here – I'm Mark and Joe's mom. Not secrets revealed but….a willingness of all 3 of you to reveal what you're all worried about – being a good parent to your kids – Not validation but a secure, happy feeling that you are trying your best, considering all options, including suggestions from peers but always considering the best interests of your children. A revelation, this has been. Yoda-speak comes naturally to me. Thank you Chris! What a fantastic opportunity to learn about your own kids but also the possibilities of learning from the experiences of others all to the greater good. That takes an amount of courage to recognize your don't always have the answers but someone you know just might. Again.. thanks so much! And yes we can learn from geese 🙂

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