April 19

Helping Dads in Divorce With Stacey Herman


Today on the Dads with Daughters Podcast we spoke with Stacey Herman of Stripe Street Studio who is committed to working with dads that are going through divorce to create a space unique for the new reality that they are in. 

Why is this important?

With divorce rates among married couples still high, there are more men, and in particular dads, who suddenly find themselves living in a new place without the faintest idea of how to make it look and feel like a true home. 

Enter Stripe Street Studio, a recently launched service that helps divorced dads seamlessly transition into a new space through the first of a kind, complete home transformation studio. This means that these men can focus on what really matters: work, relationships and time together.

The team can help take something daunting and turn it into a positive experience while supporting men in their transition. Stripe Street Studio understands that whether one is a manly man or a man with refined taste, helping to transform his space with intention is a great way to express himself while also creating a welcoming haven for his kids.

From concept to creation and everything in between, Stripe Street Studio will analyze the best use of space, source necessities, personalize items, coordinate movers, schedule deliveries and finalize the house to make it feel like home.

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