June 17

Great Summer Graphic Novels For Your Kids!


If you are looking for some great graphic novels for your kids this summer. DC is bringing



Written by Thomas Krajewski & Jennifer Munro; Illustrated by Gretel Lusky


New superhero ALERT!!! Settling into her new foster home, thirteen-year-old Ashley Rayburn finds herself in possession of some highly classified military property—a set of body paints which, when applied in combinations of three, gives their wearer a wide range of super-powers.


DC Super Hero Girls Weird Science

Written by Amanda Deibert, illustrated by Yancey Labat, Erich Owen, et al


When the DC Super Hero Girls enter Metropolis High’s science fair, magic and science make a mess of the competition.


Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge 

Written by Grace Ellis; Illustrated by Brittney L. Williams


Thirteen-year-old Lois Lane is an aspiring social media star. But after creating a sure-to-go-viral video channel, Lois learns firsthand about the confusing world of social media and its toll on friendships.

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Teen Titans GO! To Camp


Written by Sholly Fisch, illustrated by Marcelo DiChiara et al.

The Teen Titans head off to summer camp, but their outdoor fantasies come to an abrupt halt when they arrive at Camp Apokolips—a forbidding place filled with unconventional camp activities. Told through various letters home, readers get to see through the eyes of each of the Titans as they just try to make it through camp.



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