Fathering Together Coach Program

Fathering Together offers free 45-minute coaching sessions. Our trained experts are here to listen and offer support as you navigate the joys and challenges of fatherhood. 

We’re here to help with:

  • Strategies on handling stress.
  • Connecting and communicating with your kids.
  • Better communication with your partner/co-parent.
  • Knowledge of children’s development.
  • Emotional self-regulation strategies
Dads as Caregivers

Our Coaches Are…

  • Trained in emotional intelligence, communication strategies, casting a vision for fatherhood, and more!
  • Dads with multiple years of experience raising their kids.
  • Experienced educators that bring in additional resources and tools to achieve your goals.

Our Coaches Are Not…

  • Medical professionals or licensed therapists.
  • Going to share information with anyone except in a few key situations described below.
  • Going to push you or lead you down a path of fatherhood you are not ready to go.


Fathering Together Coaches undergo a number of trainings to ensure they provide equal support to our members. The basis of our trainings comes from our Fatherhood Core 5 (FC5) curriculum. The FC5 focuses on 5 aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. For the purposes of our Coach program, the FC5 consists of 6 modules that provide a foundation for additional reflection and skill building.

  1.  Creating a Vision & Understanding Legacy
  2. Foundations for Emotionally Connected Relationships
  3. Healthy Child Development & Brain Science
  4. Parenting Styles
  5. Co-parenting: The Art of Conflict & Repair
  6. Resilience, Support & Managing Stress

Process & Payment

All Coaching Sessions are offered free of charge. Fathering Together does not want finances to be a barrier to accessing your fullest potential. However, if you are able to assist in covering the cost of your coach call, we appreciate your financial gift.

Sign up below and we will be in touch with a time and a coach who is available to connect with you. Depending on demand, our goal is to match you as quickly as possible.


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