February 27

Fatherhood Top 5 – 2/27/20


The following are some top stories about fatherhood that are impacting fathers across the globe. Leave a comment with your thoughts on these articles!

  1. Parenting kids over 18 is still parenting. You just get less control and the stakes are higher. https://nbcnews.to/37FHhkM
  2. Thunderstruck: Dad records baby’s noises for a year, turns it into video of AC/DC song – http://bit.ly/2RsUqIm
  3. Punishment turns excessive if parent is angry or vengeful – http://bit.ly/2GwihRb
  4. When grandparents step in to fill a parenting gap – http://bit.ly/3aPI2tL
  5. Co-parenting Is In — But Where Are the Boundaries? – http://bit.ly/37LW4dK



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