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Dad of the Week – Sal Ocon

Dad of the Week

Every week we spotlight a great dad within one of our Fathering Together Communities to share some of their experiences with you!

Sal Ocon is from Costa Rica where he is a full time actor and businessman. He’s got an amazing daughter and son as you’ll see!

Sal Ocon - Dad of the Week

1) What was your first reaction when you found out that you were going to be a father?

I cried with joy… i always wanted to be a dad!

When you knew you were going to be a father of a daughter, who or where did you turn to for advice?

My dad… i have 6 sisters… i needed to know if it was “hard”. Although my mom was very important in calming my nerves, it was my dad who gave me peace of mind

Sal Ocon - Dad of the Week

2) How would your kids describe you as a dad

She said: my dad is crazy, he is fun, caring, teaches me about God, likes to be with the family and really loves mommy and us

What has been the largest challenge you have had in being a father?

Going though sickness… it breaks me down.

Sal Ocon - Dad of the Week

3) Looking back on your life as a father, what would you change if you could?

I would have maybe spent less time working when they were younger, but those days got us where we are today. So everything happens for a reason.

What do you do for fun with your daughter(s)?

Makeup, water wars, Paint, draw, playgrounds, she loves the beach so we travel as much as we can

Sal Ocon - Dad of the Week

4) What advice would you give to other dads with daughters?

Enjoy the small things, it fills their hearts

How have you come to balance fatherhood and outside life?

I include my children in most activities. Find friends with children so we can all hang out together and have a blast

5) What have been the most memorable experiences that you have had thus far as a father?

The day they where born. And the first time she said: you’re the best daddy in the world…

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Christopher Lewis

Christopher is the co-founder of Fathering Together and the Chief Information Officer. He is the father of 2 daughters that are now in their tweens and teens. He started Dad of Divas, a blog to share his own personal experiences in being a father in 2007 and in 2018 started the Dads With Daughters Facebook Group to allow dads to connect, learn and grow together. He works in Digital Media on a daily basis, but also has over 20 years of experience in higher education administration.

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  1. Sal you’re the perfect blend of funny, sweet, sarcastic and fun! I believe your efforts and sacrifices continue to pay off on a daily basis with such a beautiful family. So blessed! You’re a fantastic dad, one of the best I know. You rock!

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