July 14

Dad of the Week: Joe Kilpatrick


Joe Kilpatrick works as an operator in Lamar, Colorado and raising 2 daughters and a son. Every Dad of the Week answers the following questions, read on to learn more about Joe and his children!

  • What was your first reaction when you found out that you were going to be a father?
    • Scared.
  • When you knew you were going to be a father of a daughter, who or where did you turn to for advice?
    • I didn’t have anybody, I kinda figured it out as I went along.
  • How would your kids describe you as a dad?
    • I hope they think of me as the rock that I need them.
  • What has been the largest challenge you have had in being a father?
    • I recently gained full custody of my oldest daughter after a four year battle with a women who didn’t want nothing more then a tax deduction, my wife through this whole time has been very supportive and more then a mother then she has ever gotten to know. I recently came home from work one morning and found my almost 11 year old daughter snuggled alongside my wife, that’s when I knew I made the right choice.
  • Looking back on your life as a father, what would you change if you could?
    • I would of course make more time for my family, but isn’t that what we would all say? The short answer to that would be I wouldn’t change anything, I’ve done what needed to be done to provide for my family, I havn’t done anything illegal and can still hold my head up as a hard working dad. It’s always hard but the best things in life aren’t easy.
  • What do you do for fun with your daughter(s)?
    • Usually when we get time we are just together and we make the best of even the boring times.
  • What advice would you give to other dads with daughters?
    • Everyone is different, and every kid is different, find what works for you and run with it.
  • How have you come to balance fatherhood and outside life?
    • Making money is a necessary evil that everyone goes through, like it or not you cant have a life without money. The only thing more rewarding then getting your Bill’s paid and putting a roof over your family’s head is the fact that they don’t know the sacrifices you go through to accomplish those things.
  • What have been the most memorable experiences that you have had thus far as a father?
    • Everyday is a new experience, so far the very best thing for me is just being able to see it for myself.

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