February 4

Dad of the Week: Jason Pockrandt


Jason Pockrandt works in ECommerce, author of Father-Daughter Conversations, TEDx Speaker, and Transformational Coach, but most importantly, he is father of an amazing daughter!

Every Dad of the Week answers the following questions, read on to learn more about Jason!

  1. What was your first reaction when you found out that you were going to be a father?
    • “Oh crap! I’m going to be a dad.” I also responded to the doctor. “congratulations for what? when she came back with the pregnancy test.
  2. When you knew you were going to be a father of a daughter, who or where did you turn to for advice?
    • I actually turned to the Good Men Project and asked for as many seasoned dads as possible to let me know their sage advice on how to raise a daughter. I lost my dad 16 years ago and have no other male role models around in the family. A few mentors but not much else.
  3. How would your kids describe you as a dad?
    • the funniest guy she knows. Also I have been told by her that I am hilarious. Lenox says I play too many tricks on her but she still loves me. Lenox says that I am her best friend too.
  4. What has been the largest challenge you have had in being a father?
    • Being able to accept the truth and reality that my father will never have gotten the chance to meet my daughter or my wife. Knowing that I can not show him how proud I am of him in the way he raised me to now become the father I am today.
  5. Looking back on your life as a father, what would you change if you could?
    • I would not have spent the first two weeks of my daughters life writing my first book. I honestly didn’t know what to do as a new dad and so I submerged myself into a project that I could feel a sense of total control over. I missed a lot of precious time with her while I chased one of the things I that thought would bring me more time to be closer to her. I love what I accomplished although I would change those first two weeks of activity when she was newly born.
  6. What do you do for fun with your daughter(s)?
    • We do a lot of Daddy Daughter singing and dancing. We shoot videos of us doing our songs on Alexa. We wrestle almost daily and we chase each other from one end of the house to the other ending in a culmination every time of a tickle party. Lots of cooking and dress up. Dramatic play and exploring her imagination are my number 1 priorities. She also does a lot of my FB lives with me. 🙂
  7. What advice would you give to other dads with daughters?
    • Know from the beginning that she doesn’t want a bigger house, or another vacation, or the playhouse in the backyard, or the addition on the home. She wants you to be there. She wants you with her and mom for dinner each night. She wants you to spend time with her and to stop calling it quality time. It’s just time. Thats all she needs. She needs you to tell her that you love her. That she is beautiful. That she deserves the best in the world and that every man should respect her and treat her the way you treat your wife. Know that your role is not in your career it is in who you are as a person. As a dad, and a husband, and a role model to that girl. Show her today that the world is hers to take, by taking it yourself.
  8. How have you come to balance fatherhood and outside life?
    • Balance is a false belief. An illusion that is not a reality. There is no such thing as balance only prioritization. I prioritize my role as an entrepreneurs and a father first above all else and then I build relationships in my outer world as secondary. At the end of the day I have my wife, and daughter and with them I need no others. I create connections only with those that desire a deeper friendship with me. I’m not a small talk kind of guy. So most of the outside world isn’t lost to me. Sports, news, weather, politics, and meaningless topics for me.
  9. What have been the most memorable experiences that you have had thus far as a father?
    • The day I gave my TEDx talk and saw my daughter out in the audience. The moment she said Daddy you’re my best friend. Being able to see her face light up the first time we put her into a swimming pool. Our very first Father Daughter Date Night at Baskin Robbins and the movie theatre. The first time I took her to the zoo!

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