February 29

Book of the Week – DAD: How to be the father your children need


About the Book

As a dad, you are the most important man in your children’s lives! You are your son’s first hero and your daughter’s first romance. The impact you have on them as their dad will last a lifetime. I’s a challenging time in history to be a father. The quality of what we bring as fathers is grounded in who we are as men; yet the role of men and the definition of masculinity has never been so unclear. Dad addresses this challenge directly. It speaks to the hearts of men, bringing wisdom and clarity to what it means to be a man and out of that, a great father. Well researched and filled with personal stories, quotes and anecdotes, many from the author’s own fatherhood journey, DAD is both practical and inspiring. You will discover:

  • What authentic manhood and fatherhood look like
  • The different needs boys and girls have of their fathers
  • The twelve fatherhood principles every dad needs to know
  • How to balance discipline and affirmation
  • How to grow your child’s emotional intelligence
  • How to protect your children in a complex world
  • How to deal with any issues you had with your own father
  • How to set your child up for success in life

Filled with relevance and rich, real life experiences, DAD will move you, entertain you and equip you with invaluable tools to father your children through every stage of your relationship with them. DAD is also available as an online course and can be found at www.thedadbook.co.za

“Clearly a man who is passionate about being a father, who loves his children and who is on a mission to share these fundamental lessons with men all over the world. This is definitely one of the best “being a great dad” books I have read.” – Dr Lehan Stemmet, Associate Dean at MIT, New Zealand

“Craig has tons of stories and practical tips to assist you to be better at what will be your most important job on this planet. This book should be a school textbook! A must read!” – Dr Grant Fourie, Founder of BetyaLife

“As an avid reader, and social scientist, I generally read beyond content; Wilkinson does a wonderful job of jointly knitting personal experience with his own children with the clear message that there are no perfect fathers. It is refreshing to accept being human; flawed, challenged, and in need of consistent supervision. I am not a father yet, but this book solidified and validated my obsessive approach towards the all-important role of fatherhood. A great read, and filled with wonderful anecdotes that make you laugh, think, and cry.” – Dr Khozhi Makai, Author, Social Scientist, Motivational Coach, Founding CEO of Kozhi Makai Worldwide

About the Author:

Craig Wilkinson is a bestselling South African author, sought-after speaker and consultant who is passionate about equipping men to be great fathers and leaders. He is the founder of Father A Nation (FAN), a Non-Profit organisation that works with men throughout South Africa. He believes that if we can heal men, we can heal the world. An avid hiker, mountain biker and nature lover, Craig lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with his wife Martinique. His two adult children, Luke and Blythe, have both recently left the nest.

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