Never Give Up on Your Daughters with Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin

Today on the Dads With Daughters Podcast we have leading Social Marketing Strategist, Author, Speaker, Provocateur Ted Rubin.

Ted Rubin

Ted’s book, Return on Relationship, was released January 2013, How To Look People in the Eye Digitally was released January 2015 and The Age of Influence… Selling to the Digitally Connected Customer in 2017.

Ted Rubin

We spent most of the conversation today talking about the experience that Ted Rubin had in trying to stay involved in the lives of his daughters. Ted shares the painful truth of his divorce and how his daughters were led to believe that he was not the passionate father that he is. I mention a video called The Dad That Doesn’t Quit that talks about Ted’s story. You can see the video in it’s entirety below:

Ted shares even after the negative circumstances changed his life personally and his life with his daughters, he let go of anger to focus on his daughters to show them that he would never give up on them.

Ted Rubin

Anyone that has gone through a divorce, you may have also gone through many emotions such as anger and more. Ted’s story is a powerful one that can help everyone to find perspective in their own journey toward finding what is most important for the future.

Ted Rubin

Interested in learning more about Ted Rubin? You can find him at

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Comments on Never Give Up on Your Daughters with Ted Rubin

  1. Avatar Ted Rubin says:

    Thank you so much Chris, truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and be a part of this valuable community.

    A Network give you Reach; A Community gives you Power!

    #ThisDadWontQuit #RonR… #NoLetUp!👊🏻

  2. Avatar John says:

    You can still hear the pain in his voice. Wow.

    1. You are so right John. Thanks for listening and commenting and we hope you have had a chance to explore other episodes. Knowing Ted as we do, this will always be with him, but we know that every day he continues to fight to be in his daughters’ lives and he loves them with his whole being.

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