May 3

The PGA tour & making a gender-equitable world with Brad & Mel Faxon


Today on the Dads with Daughters Podcast we had a great conversation with Mel Faxon, co-founder of Mirza, and her dad, retired PGA golfer Brad Faxon. We had a great conversation about their own experiences as a family, but also the experience Brad Faxon had in being a father while on the PGA Tour.  Mel shares more about Mirza and how they support women to live in a more gender-equitable world ad how her father helped her to find success in her own life.

About Mirza

For women, it can be overwhelming to start planning for children. Bringing life into the world is no small feat, let alone juggling a career on top of that. At Mirza, they believe in the potential for anyone to be a great parent and have a great career. 

That’s where they come in. They’re here to guide the modern parent. They help women research fertility options, understand financial costs, and prepare for upcoming changes; they help women navigate parental leave policies to make the best decision for a woman’s family, and their career.

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