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Fathering Together sees an equitable world where fathers advocate for societal change on behalf of their children.


Fathering Together empowers fathers to invest in their families and communities like many do their careers.

*We define “father” as anyone who identifies as a father figure. This can include, but is not limited to biological, adoptive, by marriage, grandparents, uncles, and older siblings as well as  cisgendered, non-binary, and those on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We invite all individuals who identify as fathers into our communities and to participate in our programs. (see our full inclusivity statement here).

Dad and Daughter

Dads are critical parts of families, but they don’t always have the tools, resources or community they need to be the best father they can be.

Fathering Together is here to help. We work to create communities, provide education and act as a conduit to resources that empower all dads be more engaged and emotionally connected to their partners and families.

  • children benefit from being cared for by their fathers
  • fathers are equipped care for the needs of their children
  • employers see the value of a gender equitable workplace and take proactive approaches to making this so
  • children are raised and cared for by both parents
  • a dads’ mental health is recognized and supported
  • dads are seen as caregivers
  • dads step up to advocate for their children to make a more gender and racially equitable world

Dad and Daughter

Fathering Together sees a world where fatherhood is reimagined to be more than a financial provider to one where dads create a more equitable society where there kids will thrive and be free from harm.

We see equity manifesting both in our workplaces and in our homes and dads play an integral role in creating social change at work, at home and in their community.

Dad and DaughterAdopts an equal mindset when it comes to benefits but also helps to: (1,2)

  • Attract, recruit and retain top talent
  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Achieve more gender equal outcomes
  • Support employee productivity and mental health (1)
  • Build employee resilience and psychological safety

1) Promundo, State of the world’s fathers 2021: Structural solutions to achieve equality in care work. Schaeffer, Charles, It’s time to support fathers’ mental health. Seleni,

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