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Fathering Together is an inclusive space seeking stories that focus on the relationships that exist between fathers and their partners and children. Through the exploration of these stories, we strive to find shared experiences and values that will bring about a stronger sense of community and commitment to one another as we raise our children.


Learn: We invite you to read our blog and learn from these diverse stories! Every week, stories from people who identify as fathers (regardless if they are cisgendered, gender-queer, or non-binary). You’ll find stories from the perspective of children who were raised by these father figures too!

Share: We invite you to share your stories. If you have a story that lives only in your journal or in a photograph tucked away in storage, please consider sending it our way so that we might highlight your experiences so that others may learn.

Engage: We invite you to engage with our writers. Reply to their blog posts. Ask them questions and find out the “why” behind the questions they didn’t answer. This is a community of respect and appreciation for the joys and struggles of fatherhood, and we welcome your thoughts and reactions.


When I became a father for the first time in 2013, many of my good friends were not fathers. I turned to my father, books, and online articles for advice. I struggled to find a community of like-minded fathers for me to engage. Slowly, over the years, friends caught up and had children, and I met new friends through daycares, playgrounds, and community events. Together, we swapped stories of success and failure with our kids. Some were funny, some bewildering, and others really hard to admit.

Eventually, we started making it a commitment to meet monthly at a local bar to swap stories, reflect on life, and learn how to be better fathers, partners, and community members. As the group continued to grow, it was harder and harder to find a common night for everyone to gather. So, questions arose as to what more could be done with the stories and experiences and how to keep everyone engaged. Thus, Fathering Together was born.

At Fathering Together, we welcome anyone, who identifies as a father, dad, baba, and others, to read and share their stories. We aspire to engage the multitude of experiences within fatherhood in our ever-evolving world. And we do this because no one approach to fatherhood works for every child or relationship.

So join us as we share stories of victory and failure by fathering together! For this is a journey with many milestones and goals to explore.

Founder, Director, and Storyteller
- Brian Anderson