June 22

A Call to White Parents: What is Our Role in Racial Justice?


Join us on Wednesday, June 24th at 11am EST for a frank and honest conversation. Drs. Keith Edwards, Kyle Ashlee, and Mollie Monahan-Kreishman will be discussing strategies to educate yourself, educate your children, and connect with other white parents doing the same hard but imperative work. 

Often, white parents are told to “educate yourself” and not rely on people of color. This is because doing so could force people of color into reliving traumatic moments in their lives. So, we’ve created this panel, moderated by Dr. Lawrence Chatters, to provide strategies for finding resources and a community of support to educate ourselves on the history of racism and the systemic racism in our culture. These conversations are never easy, but the more we have them and address them, the easier they will become.

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Background on panelists:

Dr. Lawrence Chatters serves as the Vice President for Student Affairs at Midland University. He is most proud of his family, which consists of his two daughters aged 15 and 11, and his partner of 15 years, Katie. He has been engaged in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work for the past 13 years. Through a range of professional experiences including a diversity concentration in his post-doctoral fellowship at Penn State University, his role as the diversity and inclusion coordinator for the Nebraska Athletic Department, and his position as the men’s program coordinator in the Women’s Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to name a few. Dr. Chatters’ dissertation focused on ways to better engage African American students at predominantly white institutions.

Dr. Mollie Monahan-Kreishman (she/her pronouns) is a writer, trainer, consultant, coach, and Founder of Social Justice Kids. Her signature course, LOVE KIDS, attracts white parents and educators who want to engage in antiracism efforts with kids, but find themselves saying, “I don’t know where to start,” or “I know I could do better.” With 20+ years of experience working on equity efforts within educational systems, paired with a masters and doctorate in educational administration and student development, Dr. Mollie is uniquely situated to guide other white folx in deepening their capacity to create a better world, with and for the KIDS they LOVE. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/Social-Justice-Kids or http://www.socialjusticekids.com/, @socialjusticekids or follow here on Twitter @Dr_MollieMK

Dr. Keith Edwards (he/him pronouns) is a Father, Scholar of Masculinities, and a Speaker, Consultant, and Coach. Having worked with more than 200 organizations over the past 20 years, he has focused his attention on sexual assault prevention, men’s identity, social justice education, curricular approaches, and leadership with more recent research focused on anti-racist ally identity development. Learn more about his work: www.keithedwards.com or follow him on twitter: @KeithEPhD

Dr. Kyle C. Ashlee (he, him pronouns) is a father, educator, and writer. He has been sharing his ideas about masculinity, social justice, and education for over a decade in publications like The Good Men Project, Understanding and Dismantling Privilege, and The Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs. And more recently, he remains at home to care for his daughter while consulting on the side. learn more about his research at www.kyleashlee.com or on Twitter @KyleCAshlee


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