April 5

Helping Your Kids Set Aside Perfection With Julian Reeve


Today on the Dads with Daughters Podcast we spoke with Julian Reeves, author of Captain Perfection & the Secret of Self-Compassion: A Self-Help Book for the Young Perfectionist about the challenges of perfectionism and how this can lead you or your kids down a path that can impact one’s physical or emotional health. 

The big idea: It’s estimated that over 30% of the world’s population struggles with perfectionism—and it’s not limited to adults. Alarmingly, studies show that by the time children reach adolescence, between 25% and 30% experience maladaptive perfectionism, a harmful drive to “be perfect” that can derail a healthy life.

The so-what: From low self-esteem to depression, anxiety, and even life-threatening physical ailments that carry into adulthood, perfectionism comes at a steep price.   

No one knows this better than lifelong perfectionist JULIAN REEVE, whose high standards propelled him to the top 1% of his industry as music director of the Broadway hit Hamilton—and triggered a heart attack shortly after.

The key message: Now a healthy, healed, and sought-after speaker on perfectionism, Reeve offers fresh perspectives on how perfectionism is perceived and managed in kids and adults. He’s standing by to share:

  • The surprising differences between healthy and unhealthy perfectionism
  • How to help your child stay calm and recognize perfectionism when it strikes
  • 3 simple ways your child can build self-compassion, a happy perfectionist’s superpower
  • Key messages young perfectionists need to hear from parents as soon as possible
  • Proven strategies to help your perfectionist child develop robust and healthy coping techniques early on

The source: JULIAN REEVE is a former music director of the Broadway musical Hamilton turned perfectionism contributor, speaker, and author of Captain Perfection & the Secret of Self-Compassion: A Self-Help Book for the Young Perfectionist.

Learn more at julianreeve.com.

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